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Re: [F_MINOR] A Gouldian game/The second part

Nobody has addressed the second part of this game.

> Another feature of the game is trying to figure
out who would chat the
> most with whom and what about.

Guest list:

Glenn Gould
Petula Clark
Don Cherry
Ron McLean
Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Mozart
F. Chopin
George Sand
Mr. and Mrs. R. Schumann
F. Liszt and whoever he is dating now
Mr. and Mrs. V. Horowitz
Artur Rubinstein
Princess Anne
Monty Roberts
Rick Mercer
Jean Chretien

The guests arrived.  Drinks were served.  Those who
lived before smoking became unfashionable lit up.  I
opened all the windows in the parlour.  Glenn
complained of a draft.  Don told him to buck up.  He
and Ron talked of the temperatures in the hockey rinks
around the country.

Glenn gave us a lecture on the evils of competition.
Don declared the world runs on competition.  He and
Ron used hockey games to support this theory.

Rick took notes.
Jean laughed.

Wolfgang, Frederick and Robert began to argue over
whose compositions contributed the most to the
development of the piano.  Glenn settled the argument
by telling them all that they were lousy composers.

Glenn tried to start a more pleasant conversation.  He
told us about his dogs.  Monty fascinated us with his
tales of gentle horse training.  Glenn really got
along well with Monty.  Things were going well until
Princess Anne and Don began to talk about Pit Bulls
and English Bull Terriers.  Glenn looked ready to

Rick was still taking notes.
Jean was still laughing.

On the other side of the room Franz, Artur and
Vladimir were arguing over who was the greatest
pianist.  Male names were flying through the air.
Clara called them sexist pigs.  Petula and Princess
Anne agreed with her.

I could sense a donnybrook.  I announced dinner was
ready.  Don asked were the meat was.  I told him were
were not having any.  Everyone left but Glenn.
We didn't have a very could time.  Glenn was angry
because Petula went to Wendy's with the Schumanns and
the Princess.  I was mad because Ken, my husband,
followed Don and Ron to McDonald's.

Rick came back and offered us a lot of money.  He is
preparing a CBC special called "Rick Mercer talks with

Nessie Russell/Anne Smith

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