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Re: Glenn.

About the play "Glenn" -- I was just searching for this myself and was
able to get the following information:

It's by David Young and is published by Coach House Press. Bill Hay
from C.W.Hay in Toronto gave me the following ordering information:

Call McClelland & Stewart at 1-800-399-6858. I believe they will send it out
to you directly

12.95 Cdn I believe.

Hope this helps

Bill Hay


 I was lucky enough to get to see the play while it was at Harbourfront.
It a single play, patterned after the structure of the Goldberg variations.
It was a very clever play and I still remember parts of it vividly (from
1992). By the way, the playwright appears in 32 Short Films in the 
"Questions With No Answers" segment asking GG over the phone why he hasn't
produced all the compositions he was going to write.

--Stephan Hamann