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Re: an obscure Gould quote and Welte

Dyfan Lewis wrote:
>There is a British CD label which issues CDs of the rolls using the
>playback machine.

They do not use the Welte Mignon machine, which is inferior, but the
Aeolian Duo Art machinery, which gives many more nuances than does Welte
Mignon. I urge you to look into the Aeolian method instead. Even so, no
player piano method can give a "true" rendering of a pianist's playing.
This is evident when comparing an actual recording from the time with the
same piece on a Welte Mignon or Aeloian Duo Art representation. Don't get
fooled by the clear and up-to-date sound. Listen for the nuances,
concentrate on the playing!

Ingvar Loco Nordin

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