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Re: That Bernstein thing!

PROMONDE@aol.com wrote on: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 10:09:11 EDT

>When I heard the passion he obviously poured into certain pieces, it moved
>me, and it was exciting. I didn't get that from other pianists, who
>apparently seem to be lacking in their own "cults." I wonder when the
>Horowitz, Hoffman, Rubenstein or Paderewski "Gatherings" will be taking
>place. Who will be organizing those pilgrimages? Not!

Every spring the City of Paso Robles, California and the Paderewski Historical Society (San Francisco) get together for a wonderful 3 - 5 day piano/wine/music festival. Paderewski brought the zinfandel grape to California when he lived in Paso Robles to use the natural hot springs there for his career threatening/ending tendonitis.

It draws some wonderful local artists from Los Angeles, San Francisco (and elsewhere), the historical society brings lots of interesting publications about this fascinating man and the special zinfandel blend from the local wineries that's offered for a last day Polish breakfast, is to die for. The limited quantities bottled usually sell for $50/bottle.

Paso Robles, California itself has some local bookstores with some excellent Pawdereski sections, books as well as recordings.

Cheers! Nola

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