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Re: Where do buy Morton Gould's Serenade for Carols

[This mailing list is usually about Glenn Gould, but anyway :)]

         I would like to know where I can purchase the orchestral score to
    Morton Gould's Serenade for Carols.

I've found a store called Spectrum Music very helpful and willing to
search for unusual oddities (although I've never asked for anything
*too* odd), you might give them a try --

1844-B Massachusetts Ave.
Lexington, MA 02173
  phone: 781-862-0088
  email: info@spectrum-music.com
  hours: 10-5 mon-thurs, 10-1 fri

To everyone: I've never found a decent source of sheet music
(most interested in renaissance, baroque, and 20th century, sound
familiar? :) on the net.  Has anyone?