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GG: Bouncing E-mail/Maloney Interview

>Subject: GG: Timothy Maloney interview -- world first for f-minor

>Since sending this posting a few minutes ago I have been
>inundated with bounces so I am sending it again. My apologies
>if you all get it twice.]

Follow the Bouncing E-Mail:

In case no one has told you yet... Don't worry about the bouncing
messages. Those bounces always occur when you post to F-Minor.
(Computers are strange and wonderful things. :->) People change e-mail
addresses and forget to unsubscribe, etc.

Anyway, here's another "banal" post about GG's personality:

Anyway, thanks for the article! I was at the lecture during the
Gathering, and I took some notes, but it's nice to have it all in
print. Timothy Maloney was speaking rather rapidly near the end, and
my handwriting was getting worse than usual. If that's possible. When
I go back, I might not be able to read my own notes.

Sort of off topic:
People who want to learn more about Asperger's Syndrome should check
out this Web site: