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Re: Where is GG?

> > What is the actual state of the various
>> studio-3000km-under-the-north-pole"-theories?

Did anyone see that Dr. Pepper commercial set in the middle of a
frozen wasteland? Complete with igloo and dogsled. When I saw that
commercial, I thought, "If GG were still alive, he would've directed
that commercial."

> If there was any one celebrity who wanted to pull off astunt like
>this, and fake his death, I actually would not
> be surprised if GG had.   I can think of no one else who
> (1) could have seriously wanted to and  (2) could have
> pulled it off.  He could have. (but I don't think he's alive)

Maybe that's why the theories have lived (pun not intended) for so
long. Because they're so suited to GG. "How to Get Plenty of Solitude
in Three Easy Lessons." No, I don't believe the theories. Especially
not after having read the biographies and learning about GG's health.
Not to mention seeing him in the later movies and seeing the pictures
of him months before his death.

But it's a fascinating legend, isn't it? Like all such legends, it
tells us more about the people who believe in it than in the figure
himself. I guess the same could be said about the Elvis sightings, the
rumors that Bruce Lee was murdered, and so forth. Some fans don't like
it when their idols die a mundane death. They'd rather believe the
person is alive or that the person was murdered through a secret

The theories would make a great movie. In the hands of the right
director. Yeah, I know there has been a rock & roll movie version of
this story, but I'd love to see a more artsy movie along these lines.
A famous classical musician (or artist or writer) who turns out to
have faked his death. This story could go in so many different
directions... I'd better stop before I end up writing another novel
before I'm done working on the one I'm supposed to be polishing.