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GG The Art of Glenn Gould

To all F minors,
I ordered one of  the Art of Glenn Gould  CDs a while ago because I wanted
the Haydn Sonata.  I normally don't buy  music with a mix of this and that.
If I want to listen to Bach  that's what I do.  I put on the CD last week
when I was house cleaning and listened to it straight through.  I found it
very disconcerting  to listen to Beethoven for awhile and then switch over
to Bach and switch yet again to Haydn.  Does anyone else on the list have
this problem?  I'd be interested to know who listens to just one composer
for a block of time and who listens to one composer after another.

P.S. I had to listen to the CD two times before the house stoped looking
like GG lived here.