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Re: GG The Art of Glenn Gould

What did GG's house look like? (A sincere question from a GG fan.)


I also prefer to have mono-composer CDs.

There was a time when I didn't like to listen to the WTC CDs because the
Preludes +ACY- Fugues went from major to minor, and that was enough jolting for
me. I have it better in having space between a piece in major and a piece in
minor (I'm not talking about in-between movements, of course.)

Plus, I'm not so fond of Beethoven, so someone-else to Beethoven or
Beethoven to someone-else wouldn't be my cup of tea.

Steven Lin

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Subject: GG The Art of Glenn Gould

+AD4- To all F minors,
+AD4- I ordered one of  the Art of Glenn Gould  CDs a while ago because I wanted
+AD4- the Haydn Sonata.  I normally don't buy  music with a mix of this and
+AD4- If I want to listen to Bach  that's what I do.  I put on the CD last week
+AD4- when I was house cleaning and listened to it straight through.  I found it
+AD4- very disconcerting  to listen to Beethoven for awhile and then switch over
+AD4- to Bach and switch yet again to Haydn.  Does anyone else on the list have
+AD4- this problem?  I'd be interested to know who listens to just one composer
+AD4- for a block of time and who listens to one composer after another.
+AD4- Anne
+AD4- P.S. I had to listen to the CD two times before the house stoped looking
+AD4- like GG lived here.