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Re: GG The Art of Glenn Gould

+AD4- What did GG's house look like? (A sincere question from a GG fan.)

There's a picture of the apartment building at this Web site, plus
information about Gouldian sites in Toronto:

Pictures of the inside are more rare. (I got a glimpse in a recent
documentary.) And the images do boggle the mind. Not that +ACo-I+ACo- can
criticize anybody for having a messy apartment.

+AD4- I also prefer to have mono-composer CDs.

I usually prefer mono-composer CDs. Or failing that, collections that
stick to one style. For example, the GG Consort Musick CD. Although I
still like the order on the non-Bach CD in the Images collection.

For years, I tried to explain to my Dad that you +ACo-don't+ACo- shuffle the
classical CDs in the stereo. :-/ There's a reason the movements are in
that order+ACE- Playing them out of order just doesn't work.

That's why I'm glad I have the older CD version of GG's Goldberg
variations. The whole thing is on a single band. The next time Dad
wants to shuffle the classical music, I'm slipping that one in there.