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Re: GG: Beethoven's the Second Concerto

Pooya Woodcock wrote:
> > <<  However, Gould wrote very impressive cazenza for the first concerto
> >  but not for the second. >>
> >
> > Can one of our wonderfully knowledgable members provide a definition of
> > cadenza in this context?
> Here's what I think of a cadenza:
> An extended virtuosic (or unusually "musical") section for the
> soloist near the end of a movement of a concerto.

Yep.  And you can always tell when it's about to happen, 'cause there will be a 
big  I 6/4  chord (that's tonic triad in second inversion) by the whole orchestra,
after which the soloist takes off.   Certainly in most Classical and Romantic
period music, that is the pattern.