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Re: GG: Beethoven's the Second Concerto

At 08:46 AM 12/12/99 +0800, you wrote:
><< Here's what I think of a cadenza:

No doubt Bradley will give us the definitive word, but my music master at school said that the cadenza was a solo section in a concerto usually sketched in by the composer (basic chord sequences, key changes and the like) so that the performer had something to go by. You didn't have to vary what the composer had sketched in but it was usually better to do so because the sketched music was pretty boring (although I think some composers wrote pretty good cadenzas and expected performers to stick rigidly to them).

To be a bit more precise, the cadenza by Beethoven's time was written out by the composer, rather than left up to the performer as an extemporization. This state of affairs didn't stop many composer/performers for writing their own cadenzas to various concertis eg Brahms, Liszt, DePetri. Gould's cadenzas are rather (in)famous [When is he not?] because of the barouqeyness [ a new word]! It has been a rather received tradition that the new cadenzas would be , more or less, in the style of he composer - something that Glenn did not follow