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The Richter WTC was originally recorded by Melodyia (SP?), and it sounds to
me very much like it may have been recorded in a cathedral.  There certainly
is reverberation.   But I think that's the way Richter wanted it.  Actually,
the tone of the piano still comes through and is quite beautiful, for my

Most modern recordings are engineered to death.  Notwithstanding the less
than perfect character of the miking, tape hiss, etc., I actually prefer the
recording, simply as a recording, to more recent offerings such as the
Hewitt or Feltsman WTC.  As a sound recording it's no worse than Gulda on
Philips or even Gould on Columbia.  Yes, it's recorded differently: the
mikes are obviously at a distance from the keyboard; but I would be hard put
to say the actual quality of the recording is any worse.  (I'm using Kef 104
speakers and a Dayton Wright preamp.)

Probably the most perfect recording, if you want a perfectly recorded WTC
(remember, I'm referring only to the recording, not to the  performance or
the interpretation), is Aldwell's.

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>> He's actually better
>>than Richter, I dare say, in much of Bk 2, but does not plumb the depths
>>Bk1 in the way Richter does (and probably only Richter can).
>How is the Richter WTC, soundwise? I've heard rumours that the piano
>is distant, with a lot of room reverbaration. How about that? And is
>it on BMG/RCA?
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