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John Grant wrote:
The Richter WTC was originally recorded by Melodyia (SP?), and it sounds to
me very much like it may have been recorded in a cathedral.  There certainly
is reverberation.

I asked about the reverbaration, because I personally prefer a dry, close sound in these works, like the Nikolayeva from around 1985, or the Gulda, or the Gould. I have many recordings of the WTC, and I'm expecting Rosalyn Tureck's any day now. I also have it with Gieseking from 1950 (pretty poor sound, even considering the recording date) and Fischer from 1933 & 1936. The Fischer has a much better sound than the Gieseking, though recorded much earlier. That is because Gieseking recorded on reel-to-reel, whereas Fischer of course recorded on 78's. The tape technology in 1950 was poor, so the transfers from the Abbey Road 78's of Fischer sound better. The only recording I really don't like at all is the Jeno Jando on Naxos, with a blurred sound and a not-to-good playing. Anyone know where to get the 1930's Feinberg recording of the WTC? I used to see it on Arrlechino, but can't find it anymore.

And by the way, if you compare these other WTC's with Goulds, you find that the Gould WTC is pure rock n' roll!

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