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Re: GG in Salzburg on eBay/GG's handwriting

From: Bradley Lehman <bpl@umich.edu>

> Just noticed that somebody's selling a copy of the complete GG Salzburg
> recital on eBay, ends in about five hours from now:
> http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=267073568

Interesting. Yet another recording I wouldn't mind having. Especially the
Sweelnick. Only eight minutes to go! <sigh> Maybe another time...

By the way, did they *have* to misspell his first name throughout the
entire page?! Couldn't they at least look at the recording label while they
were typing up the item? It's spelled Glenn, darn it, not Glen...

Except in Glenn Gould's signature, but that's a special case. If I remember
correctly, he signed his name with one "n" because he was afraid that if he
signed with both "n's," he'd be unable to stop writing n's. It sounds
obsessive-compulsive. (Yet having two n's in my name, I can testify that
it's hard to sign your name without those n's taking over.)

Does anyone know if GG ever signed his name with both n's? When he was
younger, perhaps? Or when he was signing something "special"? Has anyone
ever tried "handwriting analysis" of GG's handwriting? (That would be a
task for a brave and stalwart handwriting specialist.)

Anne M. Marble