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Glenn Gould and jazz

Thanks to Jost for sending us the articles on Bill Evans.  GG seems to have had conflicting opinions on jazz.  I recall reading somewhere that he said he could only take jazz in small doses or a little goes a long way.  Something like that.  He probably would have been really good at improvising. 
> Michael Kaeshammer was born in Germany but he is now a Canadian.  He is
> 25.  If you get a chance to attend one of his concerts, do yourself a
> favor and go.   Outrageous things -- in the middle of a jam session of
> "On a Rainy Day" he played a section of Rondo alla Turca.  The person
> next to me gasped "What is that?"  I replied "Mozart." Kaeshammer is
> perhaps too modern for many jazz enthusiasts.  He did prepared piano in
> one piece.   Overall, his approach is very modern.

Now, that sounds intriguing. What was the setting he appeared in?

Michael was on the concert stage with a bass player and a drummer.  I don't know a whole lot about jazz, but I was impressed. 

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