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GG: Ogerman/Evans


Jost Ammon wrote:

> In addition, the following quote attributed to "legendary classical
> pianist Glenn Gould," appeared on a 1994 CD release of Symbiosis,
>though I have been unable to trace the source for it: "What a tremendous
>impression it has made upon me. Symbiosis is very much my kind of music.
>I have been listening [to it] almost obsessively. ... [It has] had a
>particular influence upon me over the years."

The quote comes from a letter written by Gould to Ogerman 12 June 1977.
Ogerman sent GG a copy of "Symbiosis" 12 May 1976 in thanks for Gould's
positive review of the Ogerman-produced "Classical Barbra."  Ogerman tells
GG that he will be happy to include GG on a subsequent "part 2" of
Striesand's LP. He states that he guesses Evans would be gg's "kind of
player"  and GG's reply states that Evans indeed is his type of player and
that he had been listening to the LP obsessively-- there is a lapse of
almost a year btw Ogerman's letter and GG's reply. GG explains that the LP
will be included on a desert island disc-type program.

I believe these are the only letters between Ogerman and GG in the Gould
archives.  Could be wrong but that is all I received when I enquired about
the issue.

-Mary Jo