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In memoriam...

Dear F_Minors,

I have recently received the information bulletin of the Neue
Bachgesellschaft (New Bach society)/Leipzig and I saw that the pianist
Francesco Tristano Schlimmé would play and conduct the orchestra called
"the New Bach Players" in 3 concerts in Europe, playing all of the
Bach's keyboard concerti in memory of GG.

The dates of these concerts are :
Friday, oct. 4th 2002, 8PM at the Conservatoire Royal in Brussels (Belgium)
Saturday, oct. 5th 2002, 8PM at the Conservatoire of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Tuesday, oct. 8th 2002, 8PM at the Arsenal of Metz (France)

I do not know anything about this pianist, but I hope he is good enough
to make a "Gouldian concert".


PS : the question still remains : concert or not concert ?....